Practice For Students

Reading Comprehension Questions:

Reading passages, ranging in length from a single paragaph to several hundred words.

Sentence Completion Questions:

Select the best word or word phrase that best completes a sentence.

Antonym Questions:

Select the answer choice that is most nearly opposite in meaning of the provided word.

Grammar Questions:

Determine which parts of the provided sentence are grammatically incorrect.

Analogy Questions:

Determine the analogy between two provided words and select a similar analogy from the provided answer choices.

Improving Sentences:

Practice improving sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.

Improving Paragraphs:

Practice locating and improving logical and construction flaws in paragraphs.

Resources for Teachers

Reading Comprehension Worksheets:

Practice reading comprehension questions in PDF or Word format.

Sentence Completion Worksheets:

Sentence Completion worksheets in PDF and Word format.

Antonyms Worksheets:

Antonym worksheets in PDF and Word format.

Analogy Worksheets:

Download analogy question worksheets, grouped by difficulty, which are available in PDF and Word format. Students should be required to decipher the meaning of four different words and their relationship; this is a great exercise for vocabulary practice and for learning word relationships.

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It's not enough to just read the English language; you have to also speak it and hear it. has a plethora of different audio files where you can practice your English speaking skills. You can even choose the option to listen to other languages as well.

We also suggest those looking to improve their English skills to form study groups with people of a similar skill level as you. Study groups can be a fun way to learn, as long as you can all stay focused! While it can be easy to get distracted in groups, it can be a great way to foster competition and faster learning.

Repetition is a key element when learning any language, especially when it comes to improving your spelling. Do you remember when you were in grade school and the teacher would make you write your spelling words 6 times each? As boring as it may sound at first, it really is a very helpful exercise, and the positive effects will stick with you for years.

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Vocabulary Lists & Games...

Online Vocabulary Lists:

Thousands of words, grouped by first letter and by difficulty. The included words form the basis of a well-rounded vocabulary and appear frequently on the GRE, SAT, ACT and TOEFL.

Select the Word:

Select the word that matches the definition.

Find the Definition:

Pick the correct definition for the word.