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WordPart of SpeechDefinition
abbreviatevTo shorten; to make smaller.
abdicationnA formal giving up of control or authority.
aberrantadjAbnormal or deviant.
abhorvTo detest; to hate; to loathe.
abolishvTo cancel; to put an end to; to eradicate.
aboriginaladjPrimitive; original; native.
abrasiveadjRubbing away; causing irritation; harmful.
abscissionnA cutting off; a separation.
abstainvTo refrain from use; to withdraw from participation.
abstinencenRestraint from pleasurable things or experiences.
abusiveadjInsulting; physically or psychologically harmful.
accessibleadjEasy to approach; obtainable; within reach.
accessorynAn additional object; a useful but not essential component of a whole.
acclimatevTo adjust to a climate or environment; to adapt to a new area, situation, conditions, etc.
accoladenAn award of merit; praise; approval.
accommodatevTo help someone; to oblige; to bring into harmony; to adapt.
accomplicenA partner in crime.
accountableadjResponsible; honorable and honest.
accruevTo accumulate over time; come about by addition.
acidulousadjSour in attitude; sharp; bitter.
acousticsnThe science of sound; the sound characteristics of a singular room or venue.
acquittalnA verdict by a jury that a person is not guilty.
acridadjBitter; sharp; biting.
acrophobianThe fear of heights.
acuteadjSharp; biting; quickly perceptive; keen.
adamantadjInflexible; unwilling to change; hard.
addendumnAn addition; something that is added.
addictionnA compulsive, often habitual need; a feeling of necessity for an item that is not strictly required to maintain health and longevity.
addressvTo speak to; to focus ones attention on; to deal with and to contemplate.
adjoinadjTo be next to.
adulteratevTo make impure; to reduce the quality of by the introduction of something inferior.
adversarynAn opponent; the enemy; someone or something that offers opposition.
adverseadjGoing against; opposing; unfavorable.
advocatevTo speak in favor of; to support; to encourage.
aeratevTo put air into; to expose to fresh air; to supply with air.
aestheticadjArtistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful; appealing to the sense of sight.
affirmationnAn assertion in the positive; a confirmation.
afflictionnA condition of distress; a disease; the cause of suffering.
affluencenAbundance; wealth.
agendanThe items or list of items to be covered during a meeting; the plan of action.
aggrandizevTo make more great; to increase in power, wealth, rank, etc.
aggravatevTo make worse; to irritate.
agilitynThe ability to move in a coordinated and quick manner.
agitatevTo stir up; disturb; to cause to move from a place of rest or peace.
agnosticadjBeing skeptical of the existence of a god or any supreme being.
agrarianadjPertaining to land or its cultivation.
agronomynThe broad science of crop rotation and crop maintenance, including soil management, cultivation, fertilization, irrigation, etc.
alcovenA nook; a cranny; a recess; an enclosed space.
alimonynPayments made on a regular basis, most often to a spouse of a former engagement or marriage.
allegiancenSupport; a sense of loyalty; duty towards an individual or specific cause.
allergynA condition where a person is very sensitive to certain chemicals or substances in the environment; an exaggerated immune response to otherwise harmless stimuli.
alliterationnA poetry term referring to the repetition of beginning sounds of two or more words; the commencement of two or more words of a word group with the same letter.
allocatevTo assign; to set aside for a particular purpose.
alludevTo refer indirectly to; to imply.
allurevTo entice; attract; to tempt; to entice.
altercationnA noisy fight; a heated argument that involves yelling.
amalgamnA combination of different things; a mixture of metals.
amalgamatevTo combine; to form into a clump; to unite.
amassvTo collect over time; to gather in large amounts.
amazonnA female warrior; the jungle region in South America in the vicinity of the river by the same name.
ambidextrousadjAble to use the left hand or the right hand equally well; equally skilled.
ambiencenThe environment; the atmosphere; the mood.
ambiguousadjUncertain; hard to understand.
ambushnA sudden attack made from a concealed position.
amendvTo correct; to make a positive change; to right a wrong.
amenitiesnNiceties; features or components that help to make life pleasurable and easier.
amiableadjAgreeable; friendly; lovable.
amicableadjpeaceful; friendly.
amnesianLoss of memory.
amnestynA time when a criminal is exempt from punishment; an official pardon that is mandated by a government and usually extended to political offenders.
amoraladjWithout morals; unable to distinguish between right and wrong.
ampleadjEnough; abundant; sizable; opportune.
amplifyvTo increase in size, effect, volume, etc. to expand; to broaden or clarify.
amputatevTo cut off part of a body; to prune.
amuletnA charm or talisman; an object that is worn to protect against evil or to shun away bad luck.
analogousadjComparable; having a similar form or shape.
anatomynThe scientific study of the structure of animals; the dissection and study of the body.
ancestrynFamily descent; inherited properties that are shared among people with a past common family member.
anecdotenA short story of an amusing event; a quick tale meant to entertain or to invoke laughter.
anestheticnSomething that causes the loss of sensation.
annuitynA yearly or periodic allowance or payment.
anointvTo consecrate; to pour oil onto as part of a religious ceremony.
anomalousadjAbnormal; irregular; unexpected.
anomalynAn irregularity; something that is out of place.
anonymitynState or condition of not having a name or identity.
anthologynA collection of various pieces of writing, all from different authors.
anthropomorphicadjPossessing human characteristics.
antibioticnA drug, ointment, or medicine that destroys bacteria or pathogens.
antibodynAn immune body; something that prevents or blocks another; a protein produced as an immune response to a specific virus or bacteria.
anticipatevTo act in advance; to prevent; to predict; to realize beforehand.
antidotenA remedy; a magic potion; something that counteracts a disease or poison.
antipathyadjStrong aversion; dislike.
antiquatedadjObsolete, outdated, run-down.
antiquenSomething from a previous time; something made previously which is now of great worth.
antithesisnThe direct opposite; opposition; contrast.
apathynA lack of caring or interest; indifference; a lack of concern or interest in important affairs.
aperturenAn opening; a hole; the adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light that can enter.
apexnTo top; the summit; the ultimate goal; a climax.
apocalypticadjProphetic; pertaining to revelations of disaster.
apologistnA person who writes in defense of a cause or institution.
appallvTo shock; to disgust; to dismay.
apparentadjEvident; easily perceived.
appeaseadjTo make quiet; to soothe; to calm.
appreciatevTo be understanding of; to be thankful; to be conscious of.
aptitudenFitness; talent.
arbitratevTo act as judge; to preside over.
arboretumnA place where different types of trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited; a place where a large variety of woody plants are kept for ornamental purposes.
archaicadjAntiquated; out of date; no longer used; of or belonging to the past.
archaismnA word or phrase that is no longer in use; an archaic expression; something that is outdated.
archetypenA prototype; a primitive pattern; something that is the first and original.
archivesnPublic records; a place where public records are maintained.
arduousadjHard; strenuous; labor-intensive; difficult.
arduousadjDifficult; steep; laborious; requiring great effort.
aridadjDry; barren; unproductive; forgotten.
aristocracynA form of government in which nobility and power is based on heredity only; the privileged class.
armadanA fleet of navy warships.
aromaticadjFragrant; sweet smelling.
arrogancenProud superior mannerisms; behavior that is snobbish.
arsenalnA storage place for military equipment; the available military weapons at one's disposal.
arterynA large blood-vessel; a main blood vessel in the body.
ascendvTo go up; to climb.
ascertainvTo find out; to make certain; to clarify and finalize.
asepticadjPreventing infection; having a cleansing effect.
assertiveadjHaving and expressing strong opinions; exhibiting a confident belief in one's own abilities.
assimilatevTo absorb; to take in; to grasp and to make one's own; to fully understand.
assortvTo classify into different sorts; to arrange: to match.
assortedadjOf various types; matched; of many origins; not of the same variety.
assurancenA promise or a pledge; a statement of authenticity; certainty.
astigmatismnA defect in the eye which prevents proper focus.
astonishvTo astound; to surprise.
astraladjOf or pertaining to the stars, related to the stars.
astronomicaladjEnormously large; gigantic.
astuteadjShrewd, wise, and keen.
asylumnA refuge or a shelter; political protection.
atheisticadjDenying the existence of God or of a supreme being.
atrophynThe wasting away of tissue, an organ, or any part of a living organism due to a lack of food.
attentiveadjAlert; listening carefully; at full attention; considerate.
attestvTo swear and testify; to bear witness to.
attributenA quintessential component; an essential quality.
atypicaladjNot normal; out of the ordinary.
audaciousadjDaring and bold.
augmentvTo increase; to add to; to compound.
authenticatevTo verify as genuine; to prove.
autocraticadjHaving absolute unchecked power; like an absolute dictator.
autonomousadjNot needing support; being able to function without outside influence or help; self-governing.
autopsynAn examination of a dead body; the identification of the case of death.
auxiliaryadjAdditional; secondary; in a supportive role.
avalanchenA great mass of falling snow and ice.
aversionnA strong dislike; a hatred for.
avidadjEager; very willing.

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